• moLo QA
  • Is there a charge for logging into moLo with a mobile phone number?
    No, it is a totally free service; when you register, edit your information or change the settings, the SMS you receive by the system are all free.
  • I have already registered to be a moLo member. However, it shows 【This phone is already in use】when I have entered the account number and password.
    The messages will be seen on the page if your moLo account number login process is not completed yet, so any attempt to log in will result in multiple logins. Please wait for two minutes and then try again.
  • What should I do if I have not received the SMS with the verification code?
    1. Please make sure if your mobile phone number is the same as the one in the application.
    2. Please check with your mobile phone service provider if SMS advertising is being blocked.
    3. Please check if your mobile phone has been turned on.
    4. Please check if the mobile phone signal strength is sufficient in your current location.
    5. Please check if your text message inbox is full.
    6. Please check if the phone memory is full.
    7. If your mobile phone has message sorting functions, please check if the SMS has been sent to a specific in-box.
    8. If none of the above situations apply, please write to customer services for assistance.
  • What should I do if the password in the SMS is invalid?
    1. The password in your SMS will automatically be invalid after 3 incorrect password attempts.
    2. When the password in your SMS is invalid, please re-acquire a new password after its effective period is expired.
  • How do I apply to change my mobile phone number if I have successfully applied and become a moLo member?
    The mobile number that you used for moLo registration is your account and once the account is established you cannot change it; If you can no longer use the mobile number, it is deemed that you have given up on your moLo account’s service using rights and all the related records.
  • When I register or log in moLo or change my personal information, why cannot I enter characters in fullwidth form? I can only enter characters in half width form?
    When you enter information in moLo, you can only enter characters in halfwidth (ex: 12345..., ABCDE..., abcde..., etc.). In order to facilitate members to enter their personal information with right format, moLo will automatically covert fullwidth form characters (ex: 12345..., ABCDE..., abcde..., etc) to halfwidth form characters. Please note.
  • When there is a popup message “Cookie Fail” appeared when logging into moLo, what are the possible causes?
    When the login fails and Cookie Fail occurred, one of the possible reasons is Proxy server setting. Please check if you use Proxy server or are in a process of downloading programs. If you do, please cancel the setting or close the downloading program and then try to log into moLo again.
    This is an example of cancelling Proxy server setting in IE: Tool → Internet Options → Connections → LAN settings → Proxy server (uncheck) → OK
  • If I changed the cell phone number, how to apply for changing account and the service transferring?
    Please contact with the customer service for the application. Thank you. E-mail:[email protected]